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Supergirl VI City In Chaos Movie Poster by WONTV5 Supergirl VI City In Chaos Movie Poster by WONTV5
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ATTENTION! For those who are wondering what's going with the Supergirl VI; The Quest For Peace Fan Film project, Due to us being short on funding and also due to a delay of one of the props, the 6th installment of the WON YouTube/MMP Studios Supergirl Underwater Peril Fan Film Series installment entitled "Supergirl VI: The Quest For Peace" starring Kaycee Anne as Supergirl & Linda Hines as "Evil" Superwoman is officially delayed. At the moment there have been a few developments when it comes to both subject and we certainly hope to bring good news on the funding situation and the prop situation as well..within the next couple of days. For those who would like to contribute to getting the fan film can do it by sending your donation/contribution via paypal and send it to my paypal address @ 100% of the funding goes directly to the fan film project and no place else. The fan film project need $1,450. If you have any questions, feel free to email me @ or message me directly @ the Supergirl VI Fan Film Facebook page as well.

Now this fan film/custom video's budget is a total of $1,550 and So far, all we only have received in the crowdfunding of $100.00 and that means that we are $1,450 with that..this fan film project is delayed. Now, just to let you folks know...the project is not is just delayed.Once again, we have to announce good news concerning the funding situation and the prop situation in the next couple of days. So, stay tune and once again, thank you for all your support and understanding.

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